Monday, December 26, 2011

Thinking about getting a dog... in the future sometime.

The aesthetics of dogs is a very personal opinion. There are hideous dogs out there that people actual love and look for, but it's all based on taste. And there's absolutely no pleasing everyone. I love dogs. I have wanted one of my own, since I moved out by myself. They are wonderful pets and friends. Here is one of my list things of dogs I like. I hope to get one of these breeds in the future, but humane society mutts are perfect if they have a good personality too! Demeanor is more important than looks, but these are my top picks.

The samoyeda is a beautiful dog. Known to be more friendly than the husky, I think they have great faces and figures.

My favorite dog shape ever. Reminds me of Edward Gorey. These dogs are brave, protective, and loyal. Not good for multiple dog homes.

The boxer has won me over, especially because of my boyfriend's parent's boxer Ben. They are friendly, energetic, and extremely happy. I can't be sad for very long around Ben.

I have loyalty to airedales because my mother owned one for about 15 years and she was one of the most kind and friendly dogs I have ever known. I am biased, but I would definitely recommend them as a breed. Quite energetic and a bit ditzy, but they can be trained pretty quickly and they settle down when they are about 4 or 5 years, so if you buy one who is an older puppy they are easier to handle.

Irish Terrier. A smaller dog, and rascally, but cheerful and pretty. High spirited and very energetic, so they need a lot of exercise. Would definitely need a big yard or a large field nearby to keep this breed happy.

Wire-haired fox terrier. Adorable. Another smaller-sized dog, like the Irish Terrier, I really do prefer medium-sized dogs, but these dogs are very friendly, loyal, and very cute. They are a bit hyper, and would probably need 2-3 walks a day, but I am in love with them.

Border Terrier or Pharaoh Hound. Smaller than I would prefer, but I have think they have one of the friendliest faces of any breed. They are very energetic and wiggly, but also nice and protective.

I also like cats, but there is just something so wonderful about being greeted by a smiling dog face when you get home. They really do seem to like their people and I've seen very strong bonds form between a human and a dog. There is a stronger bond than with cats. And my boyfriend is not allergic to dogs... :D


Art soon. Promise. Been making a lot of art, but scanner is having problems.