Sunday, February 12, 2012

pencil stuff!

So, over the last two or three weeks at work I have watched Disney's Alice in Wonderful about 5 times. All the way through. And few times I've watched just the beginning because the kid doesn't have enough time to finish the whole movie. Long story short, themes get stuck in my head. I had to let it out. I always thought the queen of Hearts would've been younger. Kind of a Marie Antoinette thing, where she becomes queen super young. It makes her a sort of careless and self-absorbed leader because that's a rough role to impose on someone so young. Also, Disney has a way of portraying evil people as fat and cranky, or super thin and sallow... I don't think that's true of her either.

Fionna! She is from an episode of Adventure Time! where the sexes of all the characters are switched. Now, I love the heck out of Fin (the original lead character), but I kinda love Fionna more. So, I show it by doodling her a lot.


Adventure Time (in Crayola) !!!

Zombie pirate?

My favorite Chameleon from Tangled!

Bluebird of Happiness

Spring colors.

Some monsters LOOOVVVEEEEE grape popsicles!

Moody Tink. "Getting too old for this shit!"





Made-up bird! Bespoke ornithology? Whaa?


Fancy pretty seahorse!

Posh Mr. Lion.

Not a lot to clarify for this post. So, I'm a 25 year old who loves crayons. I work with children who enjoy taking home fancy, colorful pictures, but when they leave, sometimes there isn't much for me to do. Coloring passes the time, and sometimes I kinda like what I end up with. My favorite in this set is probably the seahorse.

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Also, I got a haircut. It's weird, but I like it.

2" x 3"

Quite a time ago, I bought some of these small cards to draw on. I found them amidst the rubble of art supply clutter and decided that I should do something with them. These are 4 of the ones I've done so far. More to follow.

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