Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mashed-up dance music.

A pencil sketch of Kevin playing video games.

In a weird mood today. Blahblahblah.
Watched Super Troopers, which makes a lot of things better.
Been eating a lot better lately, and exercising, but weight loss takes SO long... oh, well. Just gotta keep at it.
Being mostly in a chair drawing, reading, and watching movies I've always been a little overweight. Sit-at-home-nerd-syndrome. Totally. Trying to morph into a more active nerd!
But I'm not too frustrated (I say that now). It'll happen.
I was pretty comfortable with all my curves (I still think I am cute/curvy) but this holiday weight ended that.
I'm sure there are other nerds/artists who can sympathize.
I wish I liked running. Or loved a sport enough to go play it every week.
But first I will conquer what I call "relaxation eating" which is essentially snacking while sitting for long periods of time.

Sorry, I know that's not art-related, but it does have to do with my art process.
I DO love granola, yogurt, celery, and almonds. Also 100% juices and teas. All of these are supposed to help weight come off. Also a lot of fiber, berries, fruits...etc. Sounds obvious, I know, but with my financial means it comes down to a lot of cheap/quick food like mac n' cheese, grilled cheese, bacon and eggs, and too much coffee. Throw in all of that holiday chocolate, cookies, and extra meat and cheese, and it became really obvious that I was losing the battle. Ugh.
I am starting off with cutting red meat, most cheese, and eggs. Also doing Pilates every other day and taking evening constitutionals more often.
Wish me luck!

Love, Natty G.

music: dance-mix mash-ups
book: Of Bees and Mist: A Novel by Erick Setiawan

Sunday, January 9, 2011

all the gold.

This week I have forgone pencils. Only ink on paper directly.
For the holidays I got a small black spiral bound sketchbook (4.5" x 6").
Too small for me to feel comfortable with, so I've decided to use it up quickly to move on to one of a more workable size.
Above, pictured, you might find Totoro, Pangur Bán, a Red Fraggle, and a Batman. These characters aren't mine, but I love them and like drawing them.

You will also see the pens I used to make all of these images.
They are some of my favorite pens. I love them.


music: Once OST
mood: melancholy ...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Animation: Not Just for Children

Just because this is an art blog does not mean it always has to be about art I have created myself, though that is usually my focus.
Today is a TOP TEN day.
Top ten animated movies.
These are not in order of how much I love them.
None of these images are owned by me, belong to me, or ones I am attempting to sell as my own. Nor were any of them created by me. I'm merely using them to accent my list.

1. An American Tale
2. Sleeping Beauty

3. The Secret of Kells

4. Princess Mononoke
5. Grave of the Fireflies

6. The Iron Giant
7. The Sword and the Stone
8. The Road to El Dorado
9. Persepolis

10. The Prince of Egypt

Some of my favorite CG movies:

1. The Incredibles
2. How to Train Your Dragon
(image at the top of the page: The Art of How to Train Your Dragon)
3. Despicable Me
4. Megamind

5. Toy Story trilogy
6. Open Season
7. Up
8. Meet the Robinsons
9. Finding Nemo
10. Wall-E

TV animated series:
1. Samurai Jack

2. The Regular Show
3. Adventure Time
4. Daria
5. South Park

Honorable mentions:
The animated sequence in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?(animated/live action hybrid)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (animated/live action hybrid)
The animated/rotoscoped credit sequences in Robin Hood (2010)

Not all of these movies are my most favorite movies EVER. I love, like, and enjoy all of them. In varying degrees, but they are not listed in any kind of order.
Mostly this is a list of movies I have chosen because of their technical merit, their use of photography, and the quality I see in their finished product.
Because this is just a little blog, feel free to disagree. Whatever.
Just my opinion. :)

animated/CG movies I want to see:
1. Legend of the Gaurdians
2. The Illusionist
3. Coraline
4. A Town Called Panic
5. Tangled

Natty G.

TV: Deadwood s.2
book: Evil Genius