Tuesday, February 23, 2010

word bullets

I love making art. It is one of my top five activities ever. I will not assign it or my other four favorite activities specific numbers, to order them, but know that it is up there and is a big part of my life.
I also love it when people love my art. Especially people I admire or have never met before.
These things are most-likely true for most artists. Of any form. Art is a lot of things. It is not simply drawing, painting, printing, sculpting. It is language, writing, dancing, singing, music, poetry, and among other things, comedy and acting.
It is an interesting thought to love doing something that serves no purpose to people other than making them see something new. I draw, paint, whathaveyou to show people things I imagine or wish or want. I draw my journal when others write.
To get paid to do this kind of work is always a strange feeling. Perhaps I still look at drawing like a past time, like a hobby, like a form of writing. When commissioned I am not "weirded-out" but impressed, I suppose. Art feels like breathing, like writing, like a waking dream, so it is strange to see it as a job. As work. Odd.
On the other hand, I long to make my living doing this art I love. In my mind it feels like it would be easy, but in the deeper bits of my head I feel that getting a full income from this thing that is such a part of me would deaden it. And maybe even weaken my relationship with my artistic self.
This feels like a ramble, but I feel that my art blog is the best place to put this. Not a keeper of journals with lines, I feel this is my nextbestthing.


music: All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
book: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meandering images.

Not really in any order, I drew a bunch of birds, some random girls, Kevin (twice, once with a beard and once without a beard!) then I drew a tiger and a monkey and an Ibis at the zoo! The zoo is depressing, but also amazing. I like to go every couple of years just to see animals in real life I would never see otherwise. They just always look so bored and it's sad they're in cages. But it's cool that they're safe and fed and I can see how an Ocelot or a Orangutan move around.
Anywho, I haven't updated sketches in awhile, but that will change. Want to be more diligent about the sketching. Especially after I'm all moved in to the other house. w00.

-Nate <3

p.s. Also, I drew Chewie and he loves lazer guns. I love Chewie. He makes Star Wars awesome.


A three page comic I made at the first meeting of Comics Dojo, a drawing group. Informal and open. I like the idea a lot.
So far made up of Vincent, Sara, Kevin, perhaps Travis, perhaps Leland, and me/I/Nate.

ALSO: Read the top one first, then read the page to the lower right, then the left page. Sorry it's backwards, kind of, I drew it in my left-handed sketchbook.

Ghosts Don't Believe in Us

These are some pages of a three panel comic idea I had back in 2007, when I was living in Olympia Washington.
Found these when I was cleaning out my art boxes for moving.
p.s. I am moving!
Hope you like these. They are silly and old and adorable.


p.p.s. more posts/updates to follow tonight. Lots of sketches!

music: Hombre Religioso - Mr. Loco (Nacho Libre OST)
show: Life On Mars (UK) season 2 episode 1